Veterinary Osteopathy - Veterinary Acupuncture
FACIAL or COSMETIC ACUPUNCTURE uses very fine acupuncture needles, inserted superficially on specific points on the face, to improve skin texture, smoothness, clarity and tone. Facial acupuncture can increase local collagen production which fills in fine lines.
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VETERINARY OSTEOPATHY is a manual therapy that focuses on manipulation of muscles, joints, fascia, bones, and organs to maintain or re-establish the free movement of the body as a whole. As in Oriental Medicine, the emphasis is maintaining the free flow of “Qi” / “movement” thru out the body.

Osteopathy was developed in the USA by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still (1828 -1917). He believed that “illness” always impairs on the structure of organs, bones, muscles, fascia, tissues or joints. That structure and function are inter-depended. If the mobility of a joint or tissue is reduced or dysfunctional a “blockage” is created and needs to be “freed”. The therapeutic goal is to reestablish freedom of movement by resolving the blockages thru targeted manipulation, stimulating the body to heal.

An osteopathic evaluation is an objective investigation of movement restrictions, that are created by functional disorders of a body structure, often caused by various compensatory mechanisms of the animal. Structural imbalances lead to functional impairments. A defect of a specific area of the body can impair the whole organism, since all structures are related.