Veterinary Acupuncture | Moxibustion - Veterinary Acupuncture
MOXIBUSTION is a treatment that uses the dried leaf of mugwort rolled into a stick or placed on the end of the needles, then burned as a warming therapy during treatment.
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MOXIBUSTION is a form of therapy that uses the dried leaf of mugwort (Artemisia argue or A. vulgarism) usually rolled into a stick and burned very near to the surface of the skin or placed on the end of the needles, then burned as a warming therapy during treatment. The intention is to warm and invigorate the flow of Qi in the body and dispel certain pathogenic influences. The smoldering moxa stick is held over specific areas, often, though not always, corresponding to certain acupuncture points.

Moxibustion is commonly used for pain due to injury or arthritis, especially in “cold” patterns where the pain naturally feels better with the application of heat, for digestive problems, reproductive disorders, stimulation of the immune system, etc.